FAYN to acquire Axfone wholesale/retail customers

1 Aug 2019

Leading Czech VoIP operator FAYN Telecommunications, which entered the market back in 2002 before adding MVNO services in August 2013, has announced that it has agreed a deal to acquire the retail and wholesale customers of smaller player Axfone. Under the deal, the latter’s retail telecommunications activities will be taken over by FAYN on 1 September 2019, while the takeover will also include what they term ‘small to medium wholesale customers’ that are currently provided with fixed and mobile voice services, foreign numbers, bulkSMS, FAX services and the lease of corporate virtual exchanges. The pair note that services can also be used by smaller resellers, typically smaller ISPs, IT firms, the smallest virtual operators, and suchlike. Both companies have also entered into an agreement on cooperation in the area of systems development, they confirmed via a joint press release. Pricing and technical conditions will not change in the foreseeable future.

Axfone will continue to develop systems for operators and custom development of mobile applications in particular, they confirmed. Axfone said that in recent years is has shifted focus to the development of systems for telcos, and its customers include ‘many important fixed and mobile operators in several European countries’. The takeover of the Czech and Slovak retail customers by FAYN is considered a logical step, which will enable Axfone to focus on further development of telecommunications systems and custom development, thus further strengthening its position among software companies. As part of the referral deal and ongoing use of Axfone systems, FAYN will be able to provide mobile services on T-Mobile’s network. So far, FAYN has been using Vodafone to host its MVNO service. Further, alongside with this acquisition FAYN says it is expanding its operations to the Slovak Republic.

The companies agreed not to disclose the amount of the transaction and the number of customers involved.

Czech Republic, FAYN Telecommunications