All three Kuwaiti cellcos launch 5G smartphone packages

26 Jul 2019

Viva Kuwait this week launched post-paid 5G smartphone voice/data packages with the Huawei ‘Mate20 X 5G’ handset, with monthly prices starting from KWD37 (USD121). Haneen Al-Fulaij, acting chief consumer officer at Viva, said: ‘This new smartphone is the key to the 5G era and will definitely meet the customers’ aspirations and expectations.’ Furthermore, on its website Viva Kuwait is advertising 5G post-paid monthly plans suitable for usage with any 5G-capable handset, with two options: KWD35 (with 100GB mobile data) or KWD45 (with 250GB) which both allow unlimited domestic calls and 1,000 SMS per month.

Ooredoo Kuwait has also launched post-paid Mate20 X 5G packages, under the ‘Shamel 5G’ banner, starting at KWD36 (with 100GB and unlimited domestic minutes/on-net minutes/SMS). The Shamel 5G 250GB (KWD50) and premium Shamel 5G 1TB (KWD75) plans include 2,000 and 500 domestic minutes respectively plus unlimited on-net minutes/SMS.

Zain Kuwait is also offering the Mate20 X 5G in post-paid packages, and appears to have trumped both its rivals in the premium user segment by launching a 2TB monthly 5G plan for KWD75 (with unlimited domestic minutes) alongside three lower-tier options: 500GB for KWD55 (with 5,000 domestic minutes); 200GB for KWD45 (with 2,000 domestic minutes); and 100GB for KWD37 (with 1,000 domestic minutes).

All three cellcos’ 5G smartphone packages are based on a 24-month device/service tariff plan.

Last month Viva, Zain and Ooredoo Kuwait all launched user packages for 5G fixed modem usage on their new 3.5GHz networks.