Poland to increase 5G network security

18 Jul 2019

The government of Poland is proposing an increase in security standards for future 5G networks, including measures which could ban certain products or suppliers from network rollouts. There have been concerns that utilising products from overseas suppliers – particularly Huawei of China – could pose a risk to national security. A report from Reuters cites a document from Poland’s Ministry of Digitisation which recommends the use of equipment only from trusted suppliers and also diversifying the use of suppliers. Huawei has denied that its equipment poses a cyber-security risk.

The country is also in favour of an EU-wide certification scheme for 5G equipment. Poland’s second largest cellco by subscribers, Play (P4), told Reuters that it is against the introduction of a certification process, however, saying it could lead to increased costs for operators which would then be passed on to end users, and slow down network rollouts.

Poland, Huawei Technologies