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CTU receives requests from mobile operators on redistribution of 900MHz/1800MHz spectrum

15 Jul 2019

Telecoms industry watchdog the Czech Telecommunication Office (CTU) has received separate applications from the country’s three mobile network operators (MNOs) – Vodafone, T-Mobile and O2 – to change the allocation of radio frequencies to provide a public communications network in the 900MHz and 1800MHz bands. The CTU notes that the MNOs’ applications are based on previous negotiations with them to refine the 900MHz frequency band, in order to ensure the future effective use of allocated frequencies (e.g. in particular the deployment of broadband technologies),

Vodafone has now requested the reallocation of its frequencies originally issued on 1 August 2005 (renewed in June 2009 and again on 19 April 2019) requesting to change its current allocation from 881.9MHz–885.5MHz/926.9MHz–930.5MHz (2×3.6MHz), 889.9MHz–894.3MHz/934.9MHz–939.3MHz (2×4.4MHz), 912.9MHz–914.9MHz/957.9MHz–959.9MHz (2×2.0MHz), to the new specification: 880.1MHz–890.1MHz/925.1MHz-935.1MHz (2×10.0 MHz).

T-Mobile has requested to change the allocation of its radio frequencies originally issued on 1 January 2005 (renewed in June 2009) from the current specification, 886.9MHz–889.9MHz/931.9MHz–934.9MHz (2×3.0MHz), 894.3MHz–897.1MHz/939.3MHz–942.1MHz (2×2.8MHz), 899.9MHz–902.1MHz/944.9MHz–947.1MHz (2×2.2MHz), 904.1MHz–906.1MHz/949.1MHz–951.1MHz (2×2.0MHz), 909.3MHz–911.7MHz/954.3MHz–956.7MHz (2×2.4MHz) to the new specification 890.1MHz–902.5MHz/935.1MHz-947.5MHz (2×12.4MHz).

Finally, O2 has requested the reallocation of its frequencies issued on 9 October 2015 from the current specification, 880.1MHz–881.9MHz/925.1MHz–926.9MHz (2×1.8MHz), 885.5MHz–886.9MHz/930.5MHz–931.9MHz (2×1.4MHz), 897.1MHz–899.9MHz/942.1MHz–944.9MHz (2×2.8MHz), 902.1MHz–904.1MHz/947.1MHz– 949.1MHz (2×2.0MHz), 906.1MHz–909.3MHz/951.1MHz–954.3MHz (2×3.2MHz), 911.7MHz–912.9MHz/956.7MHz– 957.9MHz (2×1.2MHz) to the new specification: 902.5MHz–914.9MHz/947.5MHz–959.9MHz (2×12.4MHz).

Under provisions laid out in Section 22a (1) and Section 130 of the Act No. 127/2005 Coll., On Electronic Communications and on Amendments to Certain Related Acts (Electronic Communications Act), as amended, the CTU has now launched a public consultation on the plan. Comments may be submitted within one month of the publication of the call (i.e. by 12 August 2019).

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