Spanish govt approves DTT migration fund; 700MHz spectrum earmarked for 2020 5G use

27 Jun 2019

The Spanish government has approved the disbursement of EUR150 million (USD170.5 million) in funding to aid in the country’s planned digital terrestrial television (DTT) migration process. As per an announcement by the Ministry of Economy and Enterprise (Ministerio de Economia y Empresa, MINECO), homeowners will be able to receive between EUR104.30 and EUR677.95 in order to adjust their antennas and acquire new TV equipment – depending on the existing installation.

The new DTT plan will see broadcasters release the current 694MHz-790MHz band for use by 5G services. They will move to the 470MHz-694MHz band ahead of 30 June 2020, thus complying with the timetable established by the EU. The so-called ‘second digital dividend band’ – following the prior distribution of 800MHz spectrum across Europe – forms part of the government’s ‘Plan Nacional 5G’.