Drei premiers 5G in Linz for pilot customers, commercial launch to follow

21 Jun 2019

Hutchison Drei Austria has announced that its 5G network has begun operating in the city of Linz. One of the first subscribers of the new technology is the Ars Electronica Futurelab, a research and development centre located in the city. For the launch, Drei has equipped 20 base stations in Linz with 5G and by the end of the year the company is aiming to supply the entire city with the technology, as well as other regions throughout Austria. ‘Where that will be depends on where 5G is most needed. We invite companies, institutions and communities throughout Austria to get in touch with us about project ideas,’ said Drei’s CEO Jan Trionow.

A commercial launch of the 5G service is expected to take place later this year, at which date Drei will present its first 5G tariff plans for consumers. Until then, the initial pilot customers are able to access the service by using special SIM cards and routers. Drei, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hong Kong-based CK Hutchison Holdings, secured 5G-suitable 3.5GHz spectrum for EUR51.9 million (USD58.6 million) at auction in March.

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