Kacific working with OOTR to deliver Samoa’s Pacific Satellite Connectivity Project

19 Jun 2019

Kacific, a next generation broadband satellite operator with a focus on delivering broadband services across the Pacific, has confirmed it is working with the Office of the Regulator (OOTR) in Samoa and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) to help deliver the Pacific Satellite Connectivity Project. Officially launched by the OOTR on 13 June, the project is designed to enable vital infrastructure and more opportunities for school children and their wider communities, it confirmed. Singapore-headquartered Kacific focuses on connecting remote and rural island communities with reliable, affordable internet through a small and maintenance-free satellite dish. Its current services will be upgraded to even faster speeds in December 2019 when its high throughput satellite (HTS), Kacific1, comes into operation.