Telekom expands 250Mbps coverage, completes Port of Hamburg 5G trial

12 Jun 2019

Telekom Deutschland (TD), the domestic operating unit of Deutsche Telekom (DT), has enabled maximum fixed broadband speeds of 250Mbps for a further 975,000 lines nationwide in the last four weeks. Telekom stated that the additions bring the total number of 250Mbps-enabled lines to nearly 22 million. The company also announced that the number of lines with maximum 100Mbps connection speeds using VDSL vectoring technology has been increased by an additional 60,000, bringing total household coverage of the rates to 28.9 million.

In a separate announcement, DT revealed it has successfully tested 5G applications in a real environment together with the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) and Nokia. The focus of the field trial, which was carried out from January 2018 to June 2019, was on network slicing and testing 5G for its industrial viability. ‘The field test in the Port of Hamburg is extremely valuable for us to gain practical experience with 5G,’ said Antje Williams, Senior Vice President of the 5G Campus Networks at DT, adding: ‘The research project has shown that with 5G, we can best adapt our network to the customer’s requirements. 5G is the intelligent network of the future. Industry and the logistics sector in particular will benefit from 5G as a strong lever for a variety of applications.’

Germany, Telekom Deutschland