Regulator warns 5G licence auction will not proceed unless government cuts asking price

12 Jun 2019

The vice presidents of Romania’s National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications (ANCOM), Eduard Lovin and Bogdan Iana, have warned that the country’s 5G spectrum auction may not take place this autumn unless the government repeals the telecoms industry provisions contained in the controversial Ordinance 114 (OUG 114), reports Ziarul Financiar. Speaking at an industry event in Bucharest, the managers said they believed spectrum prices for some frequencies would rise to an ‘unrealistic’ price of billions of euros, while starting prices for other frequency bands cannot be established as the ordinance makes no reference to them.

‘In our opinion, OUG 114 is inapplicable and the components that can be applied lead to some starting prices that are completely at odds with the reality in Romania. We have told parliament and the government that we believe all provisions regarding telecoms in OUG 114 should be repealed. We want to revert to the provisions of OUG 111, whereby ANCOM proposes to the government the starting fees in the auction,’ said Eduard Lovin.