Nkom mulling broadband market regulation revisions

12 Jun 2019

Norway’s National Communications Authority (Nasjonal kommunikasjonsmyndighet, Nkom) has said that, following fixed line incumbent Telenor Norge’s January 2019 announcement to migrate its entire user base off its copper network by 2023, it is now considering whether changes are needed to regulations governing the domestic broadband market. In a press release, the Nkom said that it anticipates Telenor’s closure of its copper network to be of great to significance to many alternative operators currently providing broadband services over it. Moreover, with the regulator having made a decision in December 2018 regarding Market 3a (wholesale local access provided at a fixed location) and Market 3b (wholesale central access provided at a fixed location for mass-market products), it noted that these rulings had been made before it was aware of Telenor’s long-term plan.

As such, it said it now believes there is a need to consider whether parts of the existing regulation require revision. To that end, the Nkom said it had posed Telenor a number of questions, with these including a request for further information on how the transition from copper to newer technologies will be undertaken, and how this will impact alternative service providers which offer connectivity over Telenor’s infrastructure. According to the regulator, once it has received all requested information from Telenor, it will release any proposed changes to the existing broadband regulations for public consultation, ahead of them being adopted.