Vodafone launches New Zealand’s first VoLTE service

11 Jun 2019

Vodafone has become the first operator to offer VoLTE in New Zealand after switching on sites across Auckland’s North Shore in the first phase of a nationwide rollout, reports IT Brief. As of 8 June, all iPhone users with an iPhone 6 or above now have the option of upgrading carrier settings to enable VoLTE services. Samsung s9 and s9+ users will be able to upgrade their device by the end of June and other devices will be enabled in following months. VoLTE-enabled devices will stay on 4G rather than dropping to 3G or 2G to make calls, while Vodafone also claims call quality and speed of call connections is also improved by the upgrade. All Vodafone customers on eligible plans will be offered VoLTE services at no additional charge.

Vodafone technology director Tony Baird explained the rollout is aligned with the mobile operator’s commitment to expanding 4G coverage to rural areas through the RBI2 initiative: ‘The key benefit for rural customers is the expansion of 4G network coverage itself, which means more rural New Zealanders will be connected.’

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