CG Corp set to launch ‘game-changer’ telecoms services

7 Jun 2019

Nepalese conglomerate Chaudhary Group is set to invest USD250 million in ‘game-changer’ digital telecoms services in Nepal which will transform the market, the group’s chairman Binod Chaudhury has told IANS. The group is reported to be in the advanced stage of planning a 4G network that is fully prepared for 5G and is ‘waiting for certain regulatory approvals which should happen any moment’. ‘We are definitely interested to offer what we believe is going to be a game-changer,’ said Mr Chaudhury, adding: ‘We want to make data very affordable as we believe that we are not going to start a telecom company but we are going to start a new age digital company which should transform Nepal’s digital platform.’

As previously reported by TeleGeography, CG Telecom signed an agreement with Turkcell in April 2019 to assist in launching 5G services in Nepal, although it is unclear which frequency it will use. The Nepalese operator was granted a mobile licence in May 2017, but the regulator refused to supply the required spectrum, prompting legal action and disrupting the watchdog’s attempt to stage an auction of ‘residual’ spectrum in the 900MHz, 1800MHz and 2100MHz bands. CG Telecom has already launched the ‘BiP’ OTT messaging/VoIP/video calling app supplied by Turkcell as a result of an earlier agreement between the two companies.

Nepal, CG Telecom (incl. STM Telecom Sanchar)