Ncell extends 4G network across Nepal

5 Jun 2019

Nepalese mobile operator Ncell has expanded its 4G service to cover all seven of the country’s provinces and over 1,000 locations nationwide, further widening the coverage of Nepal’s most extensive 4G network. The company claims most cities and rural areas will now benefit from access to modern high-speed mobile connectivity.

‘We are delighted to announce the successful and ongoing extension of our 4G connectivity across the nation to include areas beyond cities, ensuring access to modern mobile broadband connectivity for all our customers,’ said Andy Chong, acting CEO of Ncell, adding: ‘We are confident Ncell’s 4G network will contribute towards the government’s Digital Nepal Framework as announced in the budget for the next fiscal year and is aligned with the National Broadband Policy which focuses on broadband infrastructure and increasing access to high-speed internet services.’

Ncell launched 4G services in June 2017 with coverage initially limited to areas of the Kathmandu Valley, before expanding the service to 21 cities and 44 districts by the end of 2018.

Nepal, Ncell Axiata