Digicel (Antigua and Barbuda) secures court order to protect 850MHz spectrum

3 Jun 2019

Mobile operator Digicel (Antigua and Barbuda) has successfully applied for a court order to prevent the government from seizing or confiscating any of its 850MHz spectrum allocation for reassignment to state-owned fixed and mobile operator Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA). With the administration of Prime Minister Gaston Browne arguing publicly: ‘No court can tell us to whom we can license our spectrum, our national asset, so we are allowing for due process, we are allowing for a period of negotiation’, Digicel and fellow operator Flow have announced they will sue the government over its plan to force them to share their mobile spectrum ‘equally’ with APUA.

In securing the court order, which also gives the Courts time to examine the fairness and legality of the award, Digicel argued it had been lawfully allocated 850MHz spectrum to deliver 4G LTE services to its customers. The operator was originally assigned the spectrum back in 2006.

Antigua and Barbuda, Digicel (Antigua and Barbuda)