Govt unveils ‘Digital Matrix’ development plan

31 May 2019

Chilean president Sebastian Pinera has unveiled a new programme, dubbed ‘Digital Matrix’, to improve connectivity for Chilean citizens. The programme revolves around three broad goals: to define and respect the rights of digital citizens; to improve investment and infrastructure; and reduce to the digital divide by 2022. The first target involves the setting of a minimum broadband speed for users, the reduction of mobile access charges and the elimination of roaming fees for users travelling in Argentina, Peru, Brazil and other countries in the region. Regarding investment and infrastructure, the government will look to pass a bill on the burial of cables, promote its ‘Digital Door Asia-South America’ initiative – which aims to establish Chile as Asia’s communications gateway to the region – and increase investment in the sector by 30%. Finally, the government will ensure all public educational establishments have access to the internet and will double the number of ‘WiFi Chilegob’ points, government-run hotspots providing free Wi-Fi in underserved areas.