DOCOMO, Ericsson and AGC complete ‘world’s first’ 5G communication using glass antenna at 28GHz

29 May 2019

JCN Newswire writes that Japan’s leading cellco by subscribers, NTT DOCOMO, working in partnership with Sweden’s Ericsson and world-leading glass solution provider AGC, have completed what they claim to be the world’s first 5G mobile communication using an antenna embedded in synthetic fused silica glass to transmit and receive 28GHz 5G radio signals for stable, high speed mobile communication in buildings, vehicles and trains. In the trial, the companies used the glass antenna to confirm 28GHz-based data transfers with downlink speeds averaging 1.3Gbps within a 100-meter range and reaching a maximum of 3.8Gbps at 400MHz. The press release notes that the verification trials, which used a vehicle fitted with multiple antennas and traveling at about 30km/h, were conducted in the Sumida area of Tokyo between 22 April and 28 May. Going forward, the three firms will continue to refine antenna technology to enable the glass antenna to function compatibly with Massive MIMO.

Japan, Ericsson, NTT DOCOMO