Lifecell tests 28GHz 5G with Ericsson

28 May 2019

Ukrainian mobile operator Lifecell – part of the Turkcell group – has tested 5G mobile technology in the 28GHz frequency range in Kyiv in partnership with Ericsson. A demonstration 5G network segment was deployed in the capital, showcasing example 5G applications including remote robotics for surgery, real-time conferencing and interactive games as part of the Swedish-Ukrainian Business Forum 2019. Peak download speed of 25.6Gbps was demonstrated using Massive MIMO, Beamforming and Beamtracking technologies. Yaroslav Nitsak of Ericsson commented on the project: ‘Currently, Ukraine focuses on further increasing the capacity and expanding 4G coverage. Now we want to demonstrate that Ericsson and Lifecell already have the necessary technologies and competencies for the future 5G deployment.’

Ukraine, Ericsson, Lifecell (Ukraine)