Vodafone Hungary launches its first ‘live network’ 5G base station

21 May 2019

Vodafone Hungary has announced the launch of its first ‘live, permanent, networked’ 5G base station, using its own commercial frequencies, at the ‘Zala ZONE’ vehicle testing ground in Zalaegerszeg, reports Vilaggazdasag. Participants at a launch event could test-drive a remotely controlled car via a 5G link, enabling real-time HD broadcast video to the remote driver who controls the vehicle utilising very low network latency. The live 5G base station is currently running on Non-Standalone (NSA) technology standards.

Rival Telenor Hungary – part of the PPF Group – launched a 5G mobile test network in Gyor last week, although it is noteworthy that Vodafone is currently the only Hungarian cellco to own commercial 3.5GHz spectrum for 5G development.

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