Tango and Telindus announce 5G core readiness

21 May 2019

Tango and Telindus, both owned by Proximus Luxembourg, have announced that they have become the country’s first operators to have an operational 5G core network. This follows the successful completion of technical tests last month, which were conducted in real-life conditions at the operator’s research facility in Bertrange using the 3.6GHz frequency and 3GPP’s Release 15 specifications for 5G.

The company claims the initial connections are the culmination of major investment that involved a complete change to its core network. This infrastructure will now make it possible to deploy 5G on the existing 4G network as soon as licences for the frequencies have been granted. The telco aims to launch 5G for Tango and Telindus customers in densely populated areas within the next twelve months.

‘This inaugural test of 5G is a sign of our commitment to promote innovation and develop the country’s competitiveness. Our network is now ready for the 5G deployment phase, which will enable us to offer new possibilities to both our residential and business customers,’ says Gerard Hoffman, CEO of Proximus Luxembourg.