KPN expands hybrid DSL/4G to 440,000 premises

8 May 2019

The Netherlands’ KPN has announced that its hybrid DSL/4G fixed internet speed boosting technology is now available to 440,000 residential addresses in outlying areas of the country where existing xDSL-only download rates are limited to below 30Mbps. The ‘Sneller Internet Buitengebied’ (’Faster Internet Outskirts’) coverage footprint reaches ‘almost the entire outer area of the Netherlands’, enabling download speed to be accelerated by up to 30Mbps, according to KPN’s press release. Hybrid LTE/DSL technology aggregates internet bandwidth from fixed and mobile networks to increase user speeds via a single integrated customer premises device, and KPN says its customers currently receiving up-to 8Mbps xDSL downlink can upgrade this rate to 38Mbps using the hybrid service, whilst those with xDSL-only downstream peaks of 28Mbps can now enjoy maximum 58Mbps performance.

The Sneller Internet Buitengebied service has been extensively tested and expanded over the past two years, and is available as a free supplement to KPN’s internet subscription range for customers with existing sub-30Mbps fixed connections. KPN currently has more than 30,000 users of the hybrid technology.

Netherlands, KPN