Ukrainian minister reckons 5G spectrum to be auctioned in 2020

7 May 2019

Ukraine’s first frequencies specifically allocated for 5G will be auctioned in 2020 by the telecoms regulator NCCIR, according to the Minister of Infrastructure Vladimir Omelyan, quoted by Omelyan made the statement to journalists following a meeting with the watchdog, saying that the authorities share the position that ‘Ukraine will be able to sell the first 5G licences next year’, although an exact schedule was not disclosed, whilst precise frequency bands available for tender were not mentioned. The NCCIR did not give a direct comment on 5G plans.

The Ministry of Infrastructure is involved in a current pilot project involving IoT/5G technology on Ukrainian roads in partnership with Nokia and Vodafone Ukraine (initially using 4G LTE network connectivity but aiming to use 5G standard equipment in the second half of 2019).

Ukraine was late in global terms to introduce LTE networks, with 4G spectrum licences awarded in Q1 2018.

Ukraine, Nokia, Vodafone Ukraine