Entel plots USD600m investment plan

29 Apr 2019

Chilean telecoms group Entel has announced plans to invest around USD600 million in 2019, with USD430 million going towards its operations in its domestic market and the remaining USD170 million to be allocated to its Peruvian subsidiary. Entel President Juan Hurtado Vicuna confirmed that just over half of the total figure would be spent on upgrading capacity and coverage of its 4G networks in Chile (USD210 million) and Peru (USD140 million). For its ‘Home’ business, meanwhile, the official said that Entel had allocated USD90 million in Chile and USD30 million in Peru for the development of its fixed wireless and fibre-optic networks, adding that its fixed wireless broadband networks covered 900,000 homes in Chile and more than a million homes in Lima at the end of 2018. The final USD130 million will be spent on developing its corporate connectivity services and digital businesses, such as data centres and ICT services.

Regarding its operations in Peru, Entel GM Antonio Buchi was quoted as saying that the group was satisfied with their results in Peru so far: ‘The consistency of the strategy we have deployed has allowed us to successfully face a scenario of increasing competition and consolidate a strong brand preference and high levels of customer satisfaction.’ The official went on to note that Peru ‘continues to be the market where we see the greatest potential to grow,’ highlighting the consumer pre-paid and post-paid segments as well as emerging small and ‘micro’ businesses as ‘attractive opportunities’ for further growth.

In Chile, the company faces a ‘competitive environment’ but is narrowly maintaining its leadership in the mobile market in terms of subscriber market share. Mr Buchi explained that the strategic focuses for the company in 2019 would be: fixed/fixed wireless services to the home via Massive MIMO-enabled 4G, fibre and, in the future, 5G; fixed services to companies; and corporate IT and digital services. In its ‘more mature industries’ Entel will simply aim to maintain its lead.

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