Telenor 4G network reaches 307 of 330 townships

26 Apr 2019

Norwegian-owned cellco Telenor Myanmar has extended its 4G network to cover 307 of Myanmar’s 330 townships via more than 6,100 LTE sites nationwide. The company deployed 856 new LTE sites in Q1 2019 – and is aiming to increase that figure to over 1,100 by the end of April – adding the townships of Minhla, Lemyethna, Zalun, Kyaunggon, Namtu, Mongpan and Ponnagyun to its 4G footprint.

Commenting on the expansion work, Teleor Myanmar CTO Jai Prakash was quoted as saying: ‘We are very proud to say that our 4GSuperLTE+ network has now covered nearly 100% of the country. Since Telenor entered the Myanmar market, we [sought] to grow along with the nation by contributing to its development in any possible way. As per our commitment to bring the best possible things for Myanmar citizens, we have achieved our ambitious goal of establishing a network with over 6,100 LTE sites in 2019. We will keep upgrading our network for our customers with our best data network and also educating the population on how to use our service effectively and efficiently.’

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