Lonestar Cell-MTN carries out network upgrade in Monrovia

24 Apr 2019

Liberian mobile network operator (MNO) Lonestar Cell-MTN, a majority-owned subsidiary of South Africa’s MTN Group, has revealed that it embarked upon a network upgrade programme in the capital Monrovia. Looking to improve mobile internet services for its customers, the MNO said that at 14 April 2019 it had already upgraded sites at the following locations to improve its data service: Swankamore Community, Chugbor Community, Gaye Town, Duport Road and 72nd Checkpoint, Lekley Town, Lott Carey, Capitol Bypass (University of Liberia), Banjor Community and Sinkor.

Lonestar Cell MTN is making significant investments aimed at improving the experience for its customers by delivering high speed data and high-quality voice calls across Liberia. Commenting on the upgrade programme, Chief Technology Officer Henri Chimba Nghemning said: ‘In Liberia, the use of the internet and digital platforms to connect to family and friends is growing exponentially. Our continued network upgrade programme is our way of ensuring that our customers always get the highest speed and quality of service when they access the internet.’

Liberia, Lonestar Cell-MTN