Lifecell tests 32x32 Massive MIMO

24 Apr 2019

Ukrainian mobile operator Lifecell – part of the Turkcell group – has announced testing of 32×32 Massive MIMO technology in Lviv. The test involved active 1800MHz/2600MHz antenna modules supporting 32×32 MIMO which are compatible with future simultaneous 4G/5G technology usage, the company added. Lifecell also highlighted that since the launch of 4G (LTE-2600 in March 2018, LTE-1800 in July 2018) user traffic has shot up, for instance in Lviv total traffic grew annually by 262%, and therefore new technologies such as 32×32 MIMO will be needed to maintain high levels of mobile internet service quality. Lifecell last year claimed to be the first Ukrainian cellco to deploy 4×4 MIMO/256QAM upgrades on its LTE network (utilising four receiving/four transmitting antennas).

Ukraine, Lifecell (Ukraine)