O2 Czech Republic launches 1Gbps service for home users

23 Apr 2019

Czech fixed and mobile operator O2 Czech Republic now offers home broadband connectivity with speeds of up to 1Gbps/100Mbps (down/upload) to selected customers, via a new fixed line tariff dubbed ‘Internet EXKLUSIV HD’. The telco’s director for fixed services, Martin Cejka, said that as part of plans to constantly increase the availability and speed of its residential connections through cable or wireless – where it can now offer peak speeds of 250Mbps via its ‘5G at Home’ service – the new Internet EXKLUSIV HD tariff will be available from the end of April with a monthly discount and a reduction when bundling with a mobile tariff for CZK749 (USD32.8) a month for the duration of the contract. The standard monthly fee is CZK949.

Czech Republic, O2 Czech Republic (incl. CETIN)