ANACOM reassigns Phone-ix number range to MEO, Vodafone

18 Apr 2019

Portugal’s National Communications Authority (Autoridade Nacional de Comunicacoes, ANACOM) has confirmed that it has reassigned the number range held by defunct MVNO Phone-ix to PT Portugal (MEO) and Vodafone Portugal. The number range in question has the ‘92’ prefix.

The regulator’s press release notes: ‘ANACOM understands that, given the concrete situation of the termination of the CTT [Phone-ix] service, this is the solution with the lowest impact for consumers and for companies operating in the market and, at the same time, better ensures the routing of communications to and from active numbers of the extinguished company, both nationally and internationally.’

The MVNO, which was owned by CTT Correios de Portugal, the Portuguese post office, launched over the MEO network in 2007 and ceased trading on 1 January 2019.

Portugal, Altice Portugal (MEO), Autoridade Nacional de Comunicacoes (ANACOM), Phone-ix (Correios de Portugal), Vodafone Portugal