Nokia, Nordic Telecom launch MCC-ready LTE network in the 410MHz-430MHz band

17 Apr 2019

In a press release today (17 April) Finnish vendor Nokia and Czech firm Nordic Telecom (formerly Air Telecom) have announced the launch of what they claim is the world’s first Mission Critical Communication (MCC)-ready LTE network in the recently opened up 410MHz-430MHz band. Nokia says that it has supplied the telco with an advanced and future-proof mobile broadband solution, allowing Nordic Telecom ‘to jumpstart public protection and disaster relief efforts with innovative services only possible on mobile broadband networks’. The release goes on to point out that LTE-based critical communications that enable real-time video and data services is critical to disaster relief responders, adding that ‘the public safety community also requires wide area coverage, which is best supported by low frequency bands’. The recently opened lower band could be used as a dedicated spectrum for MCC, broadband public protection and disaster relief (BB-PPDR), and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions in Europe, it goes on to say.

As part of the project, Nokia will deploy its LTE radio network solution, IP network technology, Dense Wavelength Division Multiplex (DWDM) technology and will also install Mission Critical Push to Talk (MCPPT) application solutions like Group Communication.

Czech Republic, Nokia, Nordic Telecom