Huawei could avoid 5G ban in Poland

17 Apr 2019

Poland’s government is unlikely to ban all Huawei equipment from the country’s 5G network rollouts in order to avoid increasing costs for domestic cellcos. Earlier this year authorities in Warsaw warned that Huawei could be excluded from 5G deployments in Poland due to security concerns. Fears had been raised, in Poland and other countries, that Huawei’s links to the government of China could compromise national security.

A report from Reuters now cites Karol Okonski, Poland’s deputy digital minister in charge of cyber security, as saying that the government will increase security standards and tighten equipment regulations rather than placing an outright ban on Huawei. This follows the lead set by the European Commission, which has ignored US calls to impose a full embargo on Huawei equipment.

In the past, Huawei has been one of the main suppliers of network gear to Polish cellcos, and Okonski said the costs of replacing the Chinese firm’s infrastructure would be too high for local operators. Last month Jean-Marc Harion, the chief executive of Poland’s second largest mobile operator by subscribers, P4 (Play), warned that barring Huawei from 5G equipment contracts could lead to rollout delays and higher prices for end users, adding that he had not been presented with any evidence of security breaches from the vendor’s gear.

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