More details on Italian broadband voucher scheme

12 Apr 2019

The Italian government’s telecoms development unit Infratel has released further information on its plans for a voucher scheme to promote the take-up of high speed fibre broadband services. A report from CorCom cites Infratel president Maurizio Decina as saying that SME businesses can expect a grant of EUR3,000 (USD3,380) towards the cost of migrating to fibre-based networks, while each school in Italy will receive a EUR5,000 subsidy. The report goes on to add that a project to provide incentives for householders in so-called ‘grey areas’, where fixed broadband infrastructure is currently lacking, is now being finalised.

Under the EU’s 2020 Digital Agenda goals, Italy wants all homes and businesses to be able to receive a connection with at least 30Mbps download speeds by 2020, with 85% of premises able to connect at 100Mbps or more by the same date.