T-Mobile Poland unhappy with rival’s ‘5G-ready’ campaign

11 Apr 2019

T-Mobile Poland has reportedly obtained a court injunction to block rival cellco P4, which trades as Play, from using the phrase ‘5G-ready’ to describe its network in advertising. Play has been running its 5G-ready marketing campaign since last month, but T-Mobile has complained that the use of the term could mislead consumers into thinking that the Play network is already offering live 5G services, while in reality the infrastructure has merely been upgraded to support the future launch of 5G. Telko.in writes that the District Court in Warsaw has upheld T-Mobile’s complaint that the use of the term amounts to ‘unfair competition’. T-Mobile launched its own pre-commercial 5G network using 3.5GHz spectrum in Warsaw in December.

Poland, Play (P4), T-Mobile Poland