Proximus installs Nokia multi-terabit router to realise tenfold increase in capacity

11 Apr 2019

Belgian full-service telecoms operator Proximus has announced that, as part of plans to increase capacity on its IP transport network via project TITAN (Terabit IP Transport and Aggregation Network), it has successfully deployed Nokia’s 7750 Service Router-14s (SR-14s) in its live network to realise a tenfold increase in capacity. The new IP backbone will support innovative new broadband and mobile services with improved capacity, scalability and programmability, it says. Further, Proximus notes that its TITAN project is on track and that since its inception in August 2018, 165 out of 600 buildings have been connected and 30% of 50,000 optical fibres migrated. Ultimately, TITAN will connect Proximus’s mobile, high speed DSL and FTTH networks, while the upgraded backbone will provide support for new services such as augmented and virtual reality, IoT and 5G. The migration will continue until 2021.

Belgium, Nokia, Proximus