RAB to reopen telecoms market to new entrants

8 Apr 2019

The Regulatory Authority of Bermuda (RAB) has confirmed that the country’s electronic communications market ‘will soon be reopened to accept new entrants into the market,’ Bernews reports citing a recent statement from the agency. ‘Based on a decision from Minister of Home Affairs Walter Roban to lift the moratorium on the granting of Communication Operating Licences [COLs] and Integrated Communication Operating Licences [ICOLs], the Authority has begun the process of establishing the framework to apply for and issue new licences to deliver electronic communication services to the Bermuda marketplace,’ the statement read.

As part of the plan, the RAB is conducting a public consultation (5 April and 26 April) that will seek feedback regarding the ‘criteria, conditions, requirements and procedures necessary to receive a COL or ICOL,’ after which it will submit its recommendations to the minister regarding the required policy and regulations. RAB chief executive Denton Williams noted: ‘One of the mandates of the Regulatory Authority is to promote and preserve competition in the interest of residents and consumers of Bermuda and to promote the development of the economy, Bermudian employment and Bermudian ownership. Reopening the electronic communications sector to new entrants is directly in line with our mandate.’

Bermuda, Regulatory Authority (RA)