Caricel operations transferred to Xtrinet

8 Apr 2019

Ill-fated Jamaican 4G start-up Symbiote Investment (Caricel) – which had its licences revoked last month – has confirmed that its network is now being operated by local wireless broadband player Xtrinet, in an arrangement effectively sanctioned by the Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR).

Speaking at the Caricel’s head office last week, Symbiote company secretary Minette Lawrence clarified that the company placed all of its licensed facilities and operations under the immediate control of Xtrinet on 10 December 2018 – just days after the Supreme Court cleared the way for the government to revoke its telecoms licences. Mrs Lawrence clarified: ‘It is a distinction of importance because the OUR itself was advised of this decision, but they have had no follow-up communication with us on it and so I could be charitable and say they are not fully apprised of the details, but they are aware.’

During the same press conference, Lord Anthony Gifford, Symbiote’s attorney, added that he has contacted the Privy Council’s registrar for an emergency hearing, as the company seeks to overturn the recent Court of Appeal decision to strip it of its telecoms concessions.

Jamaica, Symbiote Investments (Caricel), Xtrinet Wireless