Netia and Nokia trial technology to improve network capacity

4 Apr 2019

Polish telco Netia, which is part of the Cyfrowy Polsat group, says it has conducted the first trial of Nokia’s Photonic Service Engine 3 (PSE-3) super coherent technology over a live DWDM network. According to a press release from the vendor, the PSE-3 solution will significantly improve Netia’s fibre capacity while lowering costs and simplifying operations. Network paths currently supporting 100G and 200G wavelengths were shown to support greater than 300G and 500G wavelengths respectively, more than doubling network capacity.

Netia’s CTO Grzegorz Bartler commented: ‘Netia continues to invest in our infrastructure to ensure our customers benefit from the most technologically advanced network in Poland. The results of this field trial mean that our backbone network, originally designed for a total capacity of 8.8Tbps, now has a proven roadmap to 29Tbps, ensuring we can continue to keep up with the rapid growth of our business and consumer services.’

Poland, Netia, Nokia