Ofcom launches consultation on proposals for boosting investment in fibre

2 Apr 2019

British telecoms regulator Ofcom has launched a consultation on its ‘initial views on regulatory measures for wholesale fixed telecoms markets from 2021’ which it believes will, in combination with duct and pole access, help boost investment by promoting network-based competition. Having set out a broad strategy to support investment and competition in full-fibre services in July 2018, the regulator says the latest consultation aims to secure investment in fibre infrastructure from both fixed line incumbent BT and other alternative operators. To that end, Ofcom seeks to ensure that altnets have ‘a fair opportunity to invest at low cost’, and in saying this was critical to its strategy, it suggested this would mean giving such companies ‘access to the same benefits BT has to re-use existing duct and pole infrastructure on equivalent terms’.

Ofcom’s consultation is open to submissions until 7 June 2019, and it has said that it plans to set out full details of its regulatory proposals in the fixed telecoms market, alongside its market analysis and SMP findings, in December 2019.

United Kingdom, Ofcom