Curtains for Caricel, court confirms: 4G start-up faces shutdown

2 Apr 2019

Jamaica’s Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR) has announced that the Court of Appeal has backed its 2018 decision to strip Symbiote Investment (trading as Caricel) of its telecoms licences. The decision, which was handed down on 29 March, backed the watchdog’s assertion that Caricel is not authorised to own or operate a facility, nor is it permitted to provide telecoms or other specified services, as defined in the Telecommunications Act, to the public.

The Court of Appeal’s judgement upheld the December 2018 Supreme Court decision to deny Symbiote’s application for leave to apply for judicial review of the Minister’s decision. The Court of Appeal also refused the company’s request that a temporary stay be granted until it makes an application for permission to appeal to the Privy Council.

Symbiote Investments is in possession of the following concessions, all of which will now be revoked ‘in the coming weeks’:

• Licence No. 97/2015 – Mobile Service Provider (Symbiote Investments Limited), Licence 2015

• Licence No. 98/2015 – Mobile Carrier (Symbiote Investments Limited), Licence 2015

• Licence No. 113/2016 – Service Provider Licence [International (Voice & Data) Services]

• Licence No. 114/2016 – Carrier Licence

• Licence No. 115/2016 – Service Provider Licence [Domestic Voice Services]

• Licence No. 116/2016 – Service Provider Licence [Internet Services].

Jamaica, Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR), Symbiote Investments (Caricel)