Telkomsel launches 4G on Labengki Island

1 Apr 2019

IndoTelko writes that Indonesian mobile network operator (MNO) Telkomsel, currently the sole cellular operator offering a service on Labengki Island in Southeast Sulawesi, has switched on its 4G mobile network there, allowing inhabitants to access advanced services including LTE-based broadband. As a result of the service expansion, which comprises building new 4G base transceiver stations (BTS) and upgrading existing sites to support 4G, the MNO’s telecommunications infrastructure provides network coverage of up to 100% of residential areas and resorts, and 95% of Labengki’s tourist locations, Telkomsel said. The works have also resulted in increased network transmission capacity and expanded network affordability as it looks to optimise its infrastructure in tourist areas such as Labengki Island. Taken together, Telkomsel’s entire network in the Southeast Sulawesi region now consists of around 1,700 2G BTS, 2,900 3G BTS and 1,700 4G BTS, while it also utilises the Telkom Indonesia Sulawesi Maluku Papua Cable System (SMPCS) fibre-optic to strengthen its network backbone and ensure that high quality data services are maintained.

Indonesia, Telkomsel (Telekomunikasi Selular)