Telenor Norge to start rolling out 5G base stations in Trondheim ‘this summer’

29 Mar 2019

Norwegian mobile network operator (MNO) Telenor Norge has revealed that will begin rolling out 5G base stations in Trondheim this summer, as part of plans to ensure the location becomes ‘the first major city in Norway to receive 5G’. In a press release regarding the matter, Telenor Norway noted that work in the city would ‘represent Telenor’s biggest 5G project to date’.

Meanwhile, the MNO has also revealed that it plans to begin phasing out its 3G network in Trondheim on a gradual basis, starting on 5 August 2019. With its 4G network now providing coverage to 99.8% of the population, Telenor Norge said ‘just a small number of users’ were still connecting via its 3G infrastructure on a daily basis. As it looks to use the frequencies currently employed by its 3G network for both 4G and 5G services in the future, the operator has said it will ‘ensure an optimal transitionary solution’ for those customers impacted by the planned 3G network closure.

Norway, Telenor Norge