Traficom negotiates with Russian authorities over use of 3.5GHz band in border areas

25 Mar 2019

Finland’s communications regulator Finnish Transport and Communications Agency (Traficom) has carried out initial negotiations with the Russian authorities over the use of mobile frequencies in border regions, with a view to improving access to 5G-suitable spectrum. In a press release regarding the development, Traficom confirmed that coordination negotiations took place in Moscow last week, with the two sides using these talks to reach an agreement on the use of border spectrum, with a specific focus on harmonising the conditions of use for 3.5GHz frequencies.

With Finland having previously agreed preliminary terms of use of 5G-suitable frequencies with other neighbouring countries, it was noted that the talks with Russian authorities had culminated in an initial agreement related to the 3.5GHz band. Meanwhile, Traficom noted that other spectrum bands needed for the use of mobile broadband networks were also discussed, though it said negotiations regarding these remained ongoing.

Alongside the team from Traficom, representatives of mobile operators Telia Finland, Elisa and DNA were reported to have been a part of the Finnish delegation that took part in the meeting. Commenting on the matter, Traficom executive director Kirsi Karlamaa was cited as saying: ‘We are very pleased to see that the negotiations reached a preliminary agreement on the harmonisation of the use of 3.5GHz frequency range throughout the country. This will accelerate the development of innovative services carried out by means of 5G networks.’