Telecom Argentina 2018 revenues drop 2.5% to ARS168bn

12 Mar 2019

Telecom Argentina – which was formally merged with Cablevision on 1 January 2018 – has reported consolidated revenues of ARS168.0 billion (USD4.1 billion) for the twelve months ended 31 December 2018, down 2.5% from ARS172.4 billion on an annualised basis. Operating income for the year under review increased 20.0%, from ARS17.7 billion to ARS21.3 billion, while net income attributable to the controlling company slumped 63.6% from ARS14.5 billion to ARS5.3 billion.

In operational terms, cellular unit Telecom Personal reported 18.316 million subscribers at end-2018, of which 12.2 million were said to be LTE users. The former Nextel Argentina unit – now trading as FiberCorp – ended 2018 with 314,000 subscribers, while the group’s Paraguayan business, Telecom Personal Paraguay, claimed 2.379 million subscribers at year-end. Finally, the combined Telecom Personal-Cablevision entity accounted for a total of 4.110 million fixed broadband subscribers at end-December.

Argentina, Telecom Argentina (incl. Cablevision)