VEON Armenia rolls out 100Mbps fixed internet service

8 Mar 2019

VEON Armenia, formerly ArmenTel and trading under the Beeline brand, has announced the launch of what it terms the ‘unprecedented modernisation’ of its fixed internet services in the capital Yerevan. The telco, a wholly owned subsidiary of Amsterdam-based multinational group VEON, revealed via a press release that it is upgrading its network in the capital throughout the course of 2019, specifically deploying VDSL technology to bolster data speeds and also improving the quality of telephone communications in urban areas. Prices start from AMD5,990 (USD12.4) per month for its COMBO 2 package.

In phase one of VEON Armenia’s network upgrade programme, residents in the neighbourhood of Kilikia in Yerevan will be the first users to get access to advanced fixed broadband technologies. ‘Today we announce the launch of the project, which we believe will repeat our success, because every home will have an Internet that will be 10-20 times faster, and its cost will remain the same,’ VEON Armenia CEO Andrey Pyatakhin is quoted as saying.

Armenia, Team Telecom Armenia (formerly Beeline)