Turkcell 2018 annual sales jump 20.8% on digital services strategy

21 Feb 2019

Turkcell’s consolidated group revenue grew by 20.6% year-on-year in Q4 2018 to TRY5.626 billion (USD1.060 billion) and by 20.8% in FY 2018 to TRY21.293 billion. EBITDA grew 28.8% and 41.1% in 4Q18 and FY18 respectively to TRY2.239 billion and TRY8.788 billion. Net profit for the quarter reached TRY863.9 million (a 300.1% year-on-year improvement) and TRY2.021 billion for the full year (a 2.1% increase on 2017’s result). The Turkey division was the main driver of growth, with strong ARPU performance helped by the group’s digital services-focused strategy, its press release stated. Turkcell’s Turkish revenues rose by 18.4% to TRY4.785 billion in 4Q18 (comprising 85% of group turnover) and by 18.2% to TRY18.266 billion in the twelve months ending 31 December 2018 (including ‘data and digital services’ annual revenue which grew by 16.4% to TRY11.997 billion).

‘Turkcell International’ divisional revenues increased 46.3% to TRY422 million in 4Q18 (7% of group revenues) – on improvements in both Lifecell (Ukraine) and BeST (Belarus) mobile revenues – and by 36.5% to TRY1.457 billion in FY18. ‘Other subsidiaries’ revenues – including ‘information and entertainment services, call centres and financial services’ – rose by 24.3% to TRY419 million (7% of the group total) for the fourth quarter and by 40.8% to TRY1.570 billion for the year.

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