Chorus trials WPON wireless broadband solution

19 Feb 2019

New Zealand’s open-access fixed line telecoms provider Chorus has successfully trialled Nokia’s wireless passive optical networking (WPON) solution, which it is considering using to provide gigabit speeds in areas where the deployment of a direct fibre connection is not feasible, such as multiple dwelling units (MDUs), rights of way and business parks where there are consenting challenges. The trial achieved download speeds of around 1.6Gbps – over a distance of 150 metres – while WPON can deliver a theoretical maximum of 3Gbps.

The telco notes that WPON uses a small access point on a nearby telephone pole or lamppost that is connected to the fibre running down the street. On the customer’s side, they simply need an outdoor antenna which links to their router inside the premises using an Ethernet cable. WPON uses unlicensed 60GHz spectrum.

Ed Hyde, chief customer officer at Chorus, commented: ‘WPON is potentially an extremely useful tool in Chorus’ toolbox as we continue to look for innovative ways to improve the customer experience, delivering better and faster connectivity as easily as possible for consumers.’

New Zealand, Chorus (New Zealand), Nokia