LinkBermuda signs off on MPLS, Internet Infrastructure upgrades

13 Feb 2019

International telecommunications operator LinkBermuda, owned by Canada’s Bragg Group, has announced the completion of its recent MPLS and ‘Internet Infrastructure’ upgrade. ‘With our new 10Gbps wavelengths to Miami and New York we are now able to participate in key internet exchanges (DE-CIX/FL-IX) to meet major content providers such as Google/YouTube, Microsoft, Amazon and Netflix among others,’ Shane McDonnell, VP of sales and business development at LinkBermuda told Capacity.

The carrier also enjoys direct access to Tier 1 providers and a transport ring for additional redundancy and capability, and McDonnell notes that: ‘These key routes and interconnects, at 10Gbps and 100Gbps, combined with our recent upgraded DDoS scrubbing system, best in class Tier III SOC II data centres, downtown Hamilton fibre distribution network [also undergoing a complete refresh to provide higher performance and reliability] and extensive BGP experience make LinkBermuda an excellent choice for your service provider and enterprise network support services.’

Capacity also points out that LinkBermuda has a number of other key exchange points – Boston, Chicago, Toronto, and Montreal – and plans to announce delivery of a direct route from Montreal to New York in the coming months.

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