Mobitel Sri Lanka launches e-payment solution mCashQR

12 Feb 2019

Mobitel Sri Lanka has announced the launch of a new e-payment option, mCashQR, to augment its existing mCash mobile app, as it strives to improve digital and financial inclusivity across the country. mCashQR allows users to enter a Quick Response (QR) code to make transactions with greater speed, ease and convenience, it says, bolstering the mCash app which already lets users top up, withdraw mCash and send cash to other users as well as make bill payments and purchase goods and services.

The cellco, which is wholly owned by Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT), which is itself 49.50% directly owned by the government, and 44.98% controlled by Usaha Tegas, the parent group of Malaysian mobile network operator Maxis, says that in the next few weeks mCashQR will be rolled out to over 16,000 mCash touch points island wide. In a statement, the cellco confirmed that ‘mCashQR was developed as per the technical standard of EMVCo (Europay MasterCard Visa Contactless), a global standard, making it an easy transition to LankaQR which has been introduced by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka making the QR Code interoperable with other payment service providers’.

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