Net1 Indonesia 4G network now present in disadvantaged regions

8 Feb 2019

Sampoerna Telekomunikasi Indonesia (STI), which changed its brand name from Ceria to Net1 Indonesia in May 2017 as part of its migration from CDMA to a 4G LTE-based service, had reportedly deployed its new 450MHz network in 26,124 villages and 261 cities/regencies throughout Indonesia by the end of 2018. Further, IndoTelko notes that the operator’s signal is now present in the villages of the ‘foremost, outermost and disadvantaged regions (3T)’ with 25% of target villages now covered, including Bukit Sejahtera Village, Bahapal Raya Village and Mariah Nagur Village. Going forward, Net1 will continue to ramp up its coverage in 2019, especially in 3T designated villages, and says it is not inconceivable that it can complete coverage of 100% of USO village targets in the coming year.

Eko Budirahardjo, Director of Legal and Regulatory, Net1, commented: ‘In terms of economics, Indonesia’s geographical area has a heavy terrain, especially in rural areas where previously satellites were serviced at no small cost. Net1 has built several sites in areas that had maybe been considered unprofitable by other operators and is ready to collaborate with the government to develop and distribution of internet access for the community, especially those living in 3T areas.’

Indonesia, Net1 Indonesia