DOCOMO tests 8K streaming in latest 5G trials

8 Feb 2019

Japanese mobile carrier NTT DOCOMO has completed experimental 5G trials to test the functionality of 4K and 8K streaming in a number of scenarios, including beaming high-definition (HD) video to a fast-moving train. In the first, the operator teamed up with NEC Corp and Tobu Railway Co to transmit sent both 4K and 8K video feeds to a 5G mobile station inside a train moving at 90km per hour. The video feeds were also transmitted to 40 smartphones onboard the train via a wireless LAN. DOCOMO also confirmed that it has recently built a 5G-ready system which can stream 8K stereoscopic VR – opening a wide range of possibilities. DOCOMO says its new system can stream ‘high-resolution panoramic VR content from any location over 5G’. The solution it says, consists of an 8K 3D camera with 360-degree video recording abilities, a Yamaha-developed spherical 3D microphone with 64 channels of audio recording, several computers, and a 5G base station. In order to deal with the processing and bandwidth demands, the carrier is using ’a new 8K video encoder with a 60 FPS output to limit nausea.’