Romanian cellcos unhappy with 5G licence fees

30 Jan 2019

Romania’s mobile network operators (MNOs) are unhappy at the price 5G licences could cost them, reports Romania Insider. The firms estimate that they would have to each pay between EUR2.7 billion (USD3.1 billion) and EUR8 billion for a 5G concession, much higher than the fees paid by the cellcos for their 4G licences, which amounted to EUR700 million. In addition, the MNOs will be expected to pay double the cost of their original 4G licence to have this licence renewed. The fees are set out in the government’s emergency ordinance 114/2018 and in December the National Authority for Management & Regulations (ANCOM) notified the government that the 3% tax on telecom operators’ turnover breaches the EU’s regulations. ANCOM also warned that the ordinance jeopardises the 5G auction planned to take place this year.