Argentina to allow regional operators access to ARSAT mobile spectrum

22 Jan 2019

Argentina’s National Communications Agency (Ente Nacional de Comunicaciones, ENACOM) has confirmed plans to repurpose cellular frequencies previously reserved for state-owned telecoms firm ARSAT, as it seeks to ‘generate competitive conditions and promote regional development’. The decision, which was included in the ‘Boletin Oficial’ as Decree 58/2019 (Ley de Desarrollo de la Industria Satelital, Satellite Industry Development Act), will see the watchdog reassign ARSAT sufficient frequencies ‘for the fulfilment of its purposes’, while supporting the needs of smaller players – most likely the country’s numerous regional telecoms cooperatives.

As such, regional and local operators stand to gain access to no less than 20% of the frequencies currently held by ARSAT, namely: 738MHz-748MHz/793MHz-803MHz (nationwide); 1745MHz-1770MHz/2145MHz-2170MHz (nationwide); 1895MHz-1905MHz/1975MHz-1985MHz (Region I – North); 1890MHz-1900MHz/1970MHz-1980MHz (Region II – Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area); and 1880MHz-1890MHz/1960MHz-1970MHz (Region III- South).

Argentina, ARSAT, National Communications Agency (ENACOM)